Rain Barrels

Recycling your rainwater is quickly becoming one of the best ways to stay “green.” Rainwater is the best way to water your plants, wash your car, and more while saving money. Using a rain barrel allows you to collect runoff from your home's seamless gutter system and use it for other applications around your property.

Installing Your Rain Barrel

If you plan on acquiring a rain barrel - or several - for your property, there are a few things you'll need to consider.
  • Location: You'll need to install your rainwater barrel at a downspout where you'll need the water. Ensure that the location allows the barrel to rest on a level surface and drain at the proper pressure.
  • Quantity: How much rainwater do you plan to capture? This will affect both the downspout you use and the size of the barrel you need.
  • Barrel: In addition to size and capacity, you'll need to consider your home's aesthetics and what type of back or cover the barrel needs.
  • Downspout Configuration: Make sure that your seamless gutters and downspout are properly arranged to send water into the rain barrel without interfering with any heating or electrical cables.
  • Overflow: Direct your barrel's overflow to keep water away from the foundation of your home, patio, garage, or greenhouse. You can use an overflow hose or a gutter splash block.
Barrels come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Here are a few we offer out of our showroom.


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Spruce Creek 54 gal Rain Barrels


Terra Cotta


Rain Chains

Rain chains are a very unique alternative to a traditional downspout. Rain chains have been used for quite some time in other countries and are becoming increasingly popular in the United States as a decorative way to control rain water. There are countless designs you can choose from in a variety of materials.

The soothing sound of water running down makes them very popular in patio and garden areas where you sit to relax.

These chains are connected to the gutter via funnel or clip. The water will flow out of the gutter and onto the rain chain then cascade from one link to the next until the water is safely on the ground or in your drain. The funnel or cup style chain works the best as the water moving down the chain is controlled with very little splashing. The chain link style seems to have a wider splash area, so you would not want to use this style by wood that will rot if wet.

Below are just a few styles you can choose from as examples